Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm sorry

I'm truly sorry that I have to go.
I'm truly sorry that things doesnt work out before I give up. One can only have that much of energy, dignity as well wisdom to complete a task.

I'm sorry that I expect things differently than you expected.

I'm sorry that I cant go on without your presence in my life at all. I dont see you, dont feel you, dont get help and comfort from you to keep me going hence I have to stop. Call me selfish, call me shallow, call me anything u want. It is just me. Dont say I never try, you never did.

I'm sorry that I'm not contented with the things that you are affordable to give me.

I'm sorry that I don't enjoy the time with you as a lover, only as a friend.

I'm sorry for being greedy and wanting more.

I'm sorry that I couldnt be an even greater person in your life anymore. It's just me, no matter how, it surface out.

I'm sorry that I would rather risk of spending the rest of my life in loneliness than staying put here with you. If you truly value me you wouldnt have stopped me. Please dont say chances are not given just because you didnt realize it has been given out.

I'm sorry for being a plant and needed to be watered regularly. Too bad I am way too dry out by now.

I'm sorry that I have no more strength to keep things going nor helping you through future stages anymore.

I'm just sorry that I dont keep my promise for the first time, while you have been accused of it for a thousand times.

I'm sorry that things are not as what it seems.

I'm sorry that the truth only reveal now.

I'm too sorry that we are experiencing this very special experience at this point of our life, that things only surface out after a while, a very long while, many long years. Before it did, we were all-happy, all-singing, all-dancing crap of this world.

One thing I am happy and unexpected is that you are able to take it positively. And finally you buy my theory of molding this family into a new way. We are still very much compatible afterall, arent we?

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